Edmmond store Conde de Salvatierra, Valencia

Conde de Salvatierra, 29, 46004, Valencia, Spain

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Monday to Saturday from 11am to 21pm

Phone: +34 960 117 050

We have finally landed in Valencia. Our newest store is located just in front of El Mercado de Colón. A store where people can come not just to shop, but to learn, share and make new friends.
We're taking it slow, but there are more stores on the way. With each one we'll continue to bring community, and bring great product to people around the country- and eventually, the world.

Valencia is special for us because it allows us to live by the sea - which we love, and be influenced by its people, their style and the city's unique details that make it very different to Madrid. Being close to the Market allows us to reach young people which whom we share most of our values and hobbies.

The decoration and architecture of the store has been meticulously taken care of with the sol objective of reflecting Edmmond in it's more transparent and pure way. Having our three most precious loves as our main influence: motorcycles, surf and minimalistic architecture. We hope you enjoy it the same way that we have.

Edmmond store Claudio Coello, Madrid

Claudio Coello 21, 28001 Madrid, Spain

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Monday to Saturday from 11am to 21pm (Closed from 14:00pm-15:00pm)

Phone: +34 91 052 32 68

Our flagship store opened in mid October 2016 in Madrid, the vibrant city we call home.
We obviously couldn’t be more excited about finally having a space influenced by great design, surf and the motor world, in which to show all our goodies and connect with our customers in a direct manner.

Selling online gets lonely after a while, so we were thrilled to finally meet face to face with ours clients (who we love) and getting to get direct feedback and influence from them. In the end, they are our best teachers in every manner.

This part of the city is well known for being the home of many big and multinational brands, so it was intimidating at first, but we are not the scared kind. We have amazing neighbors from who we learn day to day and are a great inspiration to us.

Edmmond store Fuencarral, Madrid

Fuencarral 74, 28015 Madrid, Spain

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Monday to Saturday from 11am to 21pm

Phone: +34 91 523 20 47

A year later we decided to go big or go home, and we definitely went big! (then home for a nap.) We opened our second store in Madrid, at one of the main fashion districts of the city; Fuencarral, close to probably the most distinguishable street in the metropoli; Gran Via.

Our new store is a bigger space where you can find everything you love from our flagship store and more. There’s cool interior design, neon signs, a motorbike, surfboards and of course, the full Edmmond line and our invited brands’ goods.

This area of the city lets us take in all the influence of different cultures, as it is one of the places with the most number of tourists, and where Spanish people from all over the country normally live.

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