First, there were the waves, that left sand on our skin and left us wanting more. Then there was the design, contemporary, that inspired us with its minimalism and straight lines. Last, the smell of burnt rubber, faint, which brought us memories of motorway escapes. 
From the combination of those 3 elements a new concept was born; and we called it Edmmond Studios. Born of the belief that if we take care of each other's souls the world will be a friendlier place. We love two things: our work and saying yes, and we use both as an excuse to make beauty and meet interesting people.

Established in 2014, our label is an ongoing dialogue amongst our core team and close collaborators—continuously inspired by countries, cultures and citizens.

After traveling abroad, we reckoned there was something missing back home, something we could bring. We realized we had spent years shopping for clothes in different countries, admiring new styles we would bring back home and show off. Yet, it wasn’t only clothing, it was a combination of garments, design and lifestyle all merged together that caught our attention. Then it hit us, why not put all this together and create a one-of-a-kind brand?

Our experiences, cultures, passions, inspirations and our desire to bring something new to the world. We came back home with fresh ideas and inspirations such as caught waves, burnt rubber and contemporary architecture. We wanted to create a brand that embarked all aspects of who we are.

A brand showcasing a contemporary vision of fashion with European influence, always recognizing a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, comfort and simplicity. Ultimately, our label is framework to enable ourselves and others to learn, develop and produce. By doing so, we are constantly expanding on the definition of a clothing label.

Always aiming for utter perfection, we put great effort and thought into where our products are created and manufactured

Our cotton-wear is organic and manufactured in the best factories in Portugal. Our shirts are made with Italian fabrics and our wool comes from Ireland and the UK. The leather of our belts and accessories comes from Spain. But it’s not just the materials we use, as clothing is not just about materials; It’s the techniques and the processes that go into the making of each garment, along with the previous work that comes from our product designers, who find inspiration day to day to create clothing that is truly unique.

Our collections have slowly grown into more mature, complete collections, featuring everything we believe a man needs in terms of clothing; From outerwear to small leather goods and underwear, passing through shirts, tshirts, sweatshirts, knitwear and pants.

Each collection is a world we develop over months of work. Months we spend looking for inspiration, studying fashion trends, creating color-palettes and harmonies, illustrating and designing; always aiming for the best garment, quality and experience.

Our faith in the unorthodox has led to an industry-changing business and creative model that continues to foster and envision the leading cusp of every field and medium we touch.