As Edmmond Studios, TAN LIИE is a brand born in Madrid, which promotes timeless, clean and elegant designs, which are focused on functionality. That’s why the two brands partner up to bring you a capsule of high quality, minimalist and stylish activewear pieces for all of those who love to ride.

In order to capture the essence and understand more about this sport, we had a conversation with Pitera Rey, a Spanish cyclist.

Pitera describes riding as a necessity such as eating or breathing, although some may consider this affirmation an exaggeration. He rides to feel alive; to enjoy the suffering, nature and the roads, and his bike is his main way of transportation all over the city of Madrid.

Regarding the changes in trends happening in cycling nowadays, Pitera believes they’ve always existed; they’ve just been renamed or reintroduced. Nevertheless, he claims that technology has brought a new perspective on the sport, given the fact that bikes have evolved into more polyvalent, precise, faster and lighter machines.

This collection brings the perfect mix of style and functionality for all the people who, like Pitera, love to ride their bikes for as many hours as possible throughout the day.