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Next Destination: Asturias, Stage in AW20 Collection

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A key component in our new set of designs is change and evolution from the original ones. AW20 is loaded with fresh air with new designs, defined silhouettes, textures, and materials.



Born for the longing of open spaces and sweet memories of the origins. The collection has a more organic approach, with a color palette inspired by the landscapes of northern Spain, with prints and silhouettes that remind us of these open spaces.

Edmmond does not want to be left behind on sustainability and social responsibility. We have formulated real objectives and problems and sought alternative solutions, from improving the company’s logistics and reorganizing the team and a strong commitment to sustainable materials. This new stage is characterized by conscious and immediate choices that allow us to join forces and take firm steps along the way.

The first logical step has been to convert all our cotton in the T-shirt the line to organic cotton, with local productions in Portugal allowing us to reduce the carbon footprint while paying attention to detail.



The coats are reinterpreted in new patters and silhouettes, which detach from the body and draw clean, organic lines. We work with washed cotton, technical fabrics, and wools in different textures and applications.

We did not want to sleep on any category; the shirt is full-on earthy, mustard and olive colors; the knitwear embraces soft, autumnal textures, and the trousers are transformed with small details and starting to become part of the working clothes attire.



Asturias will be our next destination, a mixture of nature and industrialization that will accompany us in this new collection. Keep an eye on innovations. 






The man who created the perfect escape

Artists typically collect new ideas by travelling to new places and meeting new cultures. Through their journey, they partially detach from their mindset and merge it with the new inspiration. This happened to Fernando Higueras, a famous Spanish architect, when he adventured to Southern Spain at the beginning of the 70s. 

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