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Journey to Valencia | Edmmond Mixtape


Summer is finally coming. One may say that during the long and cold winter lockdown we almost daydreamed about this escape. 


For sure, the very first thing on our bucket list was travelling. Thus, with no second thoughts, we rented a van, filled the suitcase with SS21 garments and set the course. The beloved seaside town of Valencia was waiting for us.

On the radio, a faithful companion accompanied us during the long hours of driving: our mixtape. This is the must-have of every road trip, a playlist build following your emotions, your feelings and your expectations.




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There is no road trip without a van
The journey we had wouldn’t have been the same without an iconic vehicle as the Vito Van. Made in Spain, this vehicle was first presented more than 25 years ago. Since then more many people decided to use it to plan a group trip or just to carry too many suitcases.
World Environment Day

Since 1974 the goal of WED is to raise awareness on environmental issues, reminding us to take care of the environment and its problems, namely marine pollution, deforestation, global warming, wildlife conservation and most importantly sustainable consumption.

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First Stop: Hotel Claridge | SS21

A couple of weeks ago we hit the road with our playlist. On the spot, we decided to seize the opportunity and have a couple of detours. This provided many remarkable landscapes for a better presentation of our collection.