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From imagination to real object: Wang & Söderström

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They are a multidisciplinary design duo made up of Swedish designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström. Her studio founded in 2016 focuses on digital and physical exploration, her pieces are modeled in 3d and go from the digital plane to the physical through different materials.

Since the foundation of Edmmond Studios, it has always been important for the ES team to learn from, discuss and exchange with talented people from different creative backgrounds, from carpenters to illustrators, from architects to photographers.

Fluctuating between art and design, Wang & Söderström wants to throw out pre-existing conventions regarding the digital and put emphasis on the emotional and tactile side of materials, objects and textures to give the digital a more human-relatable quality and create more meaningful connections.

Her objects are a source of inspiration for the Edmmond team, the use of textures and colors make us believe that her pieces are in a limbo between the real and the imaginary.

They have carried out work internationally, with commissions from renowned cultural institutions, leading fashion brands and some of the most important communication and media platforms.

They have just launched a collaboration with the Copenhagen-based design brand HAY, a series of pieces made of ceramic that conquer us for their beauty.




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Visiting Armando Mesias' Studio in Madrid

At Edmmond, we always like to learn more about the artists surrounding us. Discuss and exchange opinions with talented people like artists, or architects helps us improve our image and our understanding of the way we want to be. Recently, we got in contact with Armando Mesias, a Colombian painter based in Madrid.

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For this second article, we want to focus on the future of our company, on achieving our goals in the best way possible. For this, we were inspired by a famous French brand: Millet. The company started as a small workshop in Annecy in 1921, where Marc Millet and hist wife handcrafted shopping bags and knapsacks. In the 30s, Millet produced the prototypes of a backpack. It was the beginning of a brand specialisation in mountaineering technical equipment.