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Destination Marrakech

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Eclectic, refined and fresh. That is how we describe the New Collection. The best we’ve done up to the moment, a collection where our focus is set on the creation of exceptional pieces that complete a man’s wardrobe, including limited edition products and a specific summer capsule called ‘No Bad Days’.


Beautifully tailored menswear with underlying tones of street and skate culture, that combined create a unique laid-back style. Original footwear composed of sneaker, boots and espadrilles, a complete collection of swimwear with classic and surf styles, new material like towel fabric in shirts and many more surprises to come. Discover our new arrivals here.



For the Spring Campaign and shooting we have been inspired in Marrakech, its warm, earthy, rich reds that echo the spices found in markets all over the city. A place that has seduced even the most jaded world travelers through its shapes, colors, organized chaos, smells, textiles and people.

It was an adventure full of experiences, meeting amazing people, getting to visit spectacular places and taking in everything it has to offer. We left with the desire of grabbing our boards and heading to Essaouira to surf the amazing waves there, but we know the saying, you always have to leave something to do to go back.

Discover our full Marrakech adventure at our Edmmond Lookbook here.



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Visiting Armando Mesias' Studio in Madrid

At Edmmond, we always like to learn more about the artists surrounding us. Discuss and exchange opinions with talented people like artists, or architects helps us improve our image and our understanding of the way we want to be. Recently, we got in contact with Armando Mesias, a Colombian painter based in Madrid.

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Fabric Intro: Seersucker
Seersucker is an all-cotton fabric of Indian origin, typically used for the clothing production of spring and summer wear.
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Marc Millet: Conquering the top of the world

For this second article, we want to focus on the future of our company, on achieving our goals in the best way possible. For this, we were inspired by a famous French brand: Millet. The company started as a small workshop in Annecy in 1921, where Marc Millet and hist wife handcrafted shopping bags and knapsacks. In the 30s, Millet produced the prototypes of a backpack. It was the beginning of a brand specialisation in mountaineering technical equipment.