Our flagship store opened in mid October 2016 in Madrid, the vibrant city we call home.

We obviously couldn’t be more excited about finally having a space influenced by great design, surf and the motor world, in which to show all our goodies and connect with our customers in a direct manner. (Selling online gets so lonely after a while…)

We decided to settle in the fashion district of Claudio Coello next to the good folks from Man 1924 and the pretty awesome people of Suits Supply, getting involved with the creative community surrounding us, which we’re loving!

In the shop you will find the full Edmmond line as well as a few goods from cool brands such as Bellerose, Edwin, Stutterheim, Converse, Bell, Nudie Jeans.

Mon - SUN 11:00 - 21:00

91 052 32 68


Claudio Coello 21
28001 Madrid

A year later we decided to go big or go home, and we definitely went big! (then home for a nap.) We opened our second store in Madrid, at one of the main fashion districts of the city; Fuencarral, close to probably the most distinguishable street in the metropoli; Gran Via.

Our new store is a bigger space where you can find everything you love from our flagship store and more. There’s cool interior design, neon signs, a motorbike, surfboards and of course, the full Edmmond line and our invited brands’ goods. Our neighbors include the amazing folks from American Vintage, Scalpers and Carhartt. Again, an awesome creative crew to be inspired by and a chance to hang out with our customers (who we love.).

Mon - Sun 11:00 - 21:00

91 523 2047


Fuencarral, 74
28004 Madrid

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