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Pukas for Edmmond Studios


We had the pleasure of announcing a very special collaboration with Basque Country based surf brand 'Pukas', who have been on top of the surfing game worldwide since 1973. 

Located in the heart of Spain’s and Europe’s surf culture cities (Zarautz and San Sebastian), Pukas not only has a great taste on brands and surf hardware, but they  have been responsible for the organization of countless surf contests that brought, for the first time ever, pro surfers to the Basque Country during the 80s and 90s. 


Helping youngsters via sponsorships, bringing great international brands mixed with the local knowledge and lots of surfing, Pukas in Zarautz and San Sebastian are the places to meet the right people and find nice stuff to shop.

For our SS18 Collection, Edmmond Studios and Pukas emerged into a love affair, where Edmmond designed 6 surfboards that then Son of Cobra, famous shaper from Pukas, produced.

The Classic Twin, a different version of the legendary Twin keel with its performance qualities updated. This board has a single to double concave bottom shape, a low entry rocker and a generous volume line. The Classic Twin is more than a small wave catcher. The extra tail rocker makes the backside more manageable. It’s a super reliable daily Twinny. 

This is the Noserider, log trims fast, pivots well off the tail, and exhibits stable nose rides. Based off a late 60’s, transition era outline, the Classic Noserider combines classic and contemporary with the wide point set back from center and the rails foiled thin. The wide, set back hips and thin foil make this model responsive and spunky when surfing it off the back. A contemporary nose concave fits well with the boards thin foil, providing added stability for long noseriders that can hold through less than perfect condition without disrupting its trimability.


Movember, joining true fighters
Edmmond Studios is a brand that was born to inspire men to broadcast their personality through fashion. Those same men we are addressing to are also facing health issues that only one association is talking about: Movember. This is our way of joining the movement and supporting the initiative and all the men that are true fighters of whom we have a lot to learn from.
Edmmond Talks, Following a Dream
Juan Calvente, CEO and founder of Edmmond Studios has been the star of the first edition of Edmmond Talks, a new initiative that aims to bring Edmmond's friends closer to the brand, the opportunity to meet the people behind it, to learn from their experiences and to ask them all kinds of questions in a friendly environment.
Fall Winter Vibe
“Creativity takes courage” - Henri Matisse. These beautiful words of Henri Matisse ring true for every artist, and we consider fashion the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we want to be.