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Movember, joining true fighters


Edmmond Studios is a brand that was born to inspire men to broadcast their personality through fashion, making them feel that through our clothes they could identify themselves with their way of living. Those same men we are addressing to are also facing health issues that only one association is talking about: Movember. 

Movember started with a 2003 cold beer, when a group of men decided that they wanted to bring the 70s moustache back into fashion, just for the fun of it. What they didn’t know back then was that they were going to combine growing a moustache with doing something for men’s health, so they married growing a moustache with prostate cancer (the equivalent of breast cancer in women) creating a tagline changing the face of men’s health, that describes a challenge of changing your appearance for 30 days and the outcome: making the men engaged and understand the health risks they face.  

To show our support to the movement we have done some internal actions, inviting our male employees to leave a moustache during the month, and doing a benefit concert at our store in Fuencarral where we are inviting the customers that come in to enjoy our collaboration with Barbers Crew. Barbers Crew is a local barbershop, winner in 2018 for being the best barbershop in Madrid, composed of 4 barbers that live under one some passion: to make of barbery an art, in which through their talent they give men the opportunity to show their personality through their appearance, so basically we share a same passion with them. During the concert, they will have a sofa in which to, free of cost, they will shave those who feel like joining the movement leaving them an amazing moustache that they will show for the rest of the month. 

This is our way of joining the movement and supporting the initiative and all the men that are facing the struggles of prostate cancer, true fighters of whom we have a lot to learn.



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