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Edmmond Talks, Following a Dream


Juan Calvente, CEO and founder of Edmmond Studios has been the star of the first edition of Edmmond Talks, a new initiative that aims to bring Edmmond's friends closer to the brand, the opportunity to meet the people behind it, to learn from their experiences and to ask them all kinds of questions in a friendly environment.

This first edition, that took place at our store in Fuencarral 74, united a bunch of friends, to whom Juan told about his personal and professional experience when it comes to start a project, one that just celebrated its 5th anniversary.

By the name ‘Following a dream: emotional and professional experiences, mistakes and successes when starting a business in fashion’ the assistants could closely listen to many of the anecdotes that Juan suffered and enjoyed throughout the last years during his immersion in the fashion world, and added a few advices directed to those who are thinking of starting their own brand.

‘If I could only give one advice to someone that wants to start a business in fashion, it would be to only do it if they really love fashion,’ revealed Juan. ‘Even though there are a few entrance barriers, there is a lot of competition, in fashion the complicated thing is to get to the next level of the ‘video game’ to maintain the brand. That is why it is very important to love what you are going to do. 

Juan Calvente has plenty of passion. He has loved fashion since forever, and at the end of 2014 he jumped into this adventure with two other associates, following his taste for brands with quality product and branding. Two actives which his has successfully used to position Edmmond Studios in the most exclusive European sale points, besides opening an e-commerce that, with hardly no inversion in digital marketing, has been able to receive worldwide orders, thanks to very thoroughly taken care of image and storytelling.

Like Juan explained, something they were clear on from the beginning was the idea of making a brand loyal to themselves and without pretensions. ‘We wanted to tell a story, unite it to a lifestyle that would help us find a natural form of inspiration for our collections.’

Edmmond Studios lifestyle can be appreciated it specially at our stores, situated in Madrid (Fuencarral, 74 and Claudio Coello, 21)  and Valencia (Conde de Salvatierra, 29). It's about spaces in which not only we intend to sell, but we want to introduce our clients into the brands universe, full of inspiration in the worlds of surf, motor, travelling, art, architecture, design and music. And from now on, host the future Edmmond Talks.



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